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  • Lower risk than a normal Buy & Fix because you are not buying the property outright.
  • Opportunity to diversify and invest your capital in multiple properties at once.
  • A much wider range of property options than in buy-and-fix scenarios.

InvestOut offers a smart option for real estate investors. Rather than buying and “flipping” houses for a profit, InvestOut allows investors to partner with homeowners and invest their capital solely in home improvements and renovations that will bring solid, timely returns.

InvestOut links investors with homeowners to finance home improvements, remodels, and renovations that will maximize the sale price of the property, increasing value and creating good returns for investors, who share their profits with the investor who funds the renovations.

This is a solid investment option, offering the potential for excellent returns while adding value to the community. While requiring some work from the DIY investor, it allows them to share the work of selling rather than buying a property outright and assuming the full liability and responsibility for selling it.

InvestOut connects investors with property owners and oversees the process from initial inquiry to contracts to sale. Investors and homeowners share the increased profits their improvements generate. We facilitate all aspects of the collaboration from the evaluation of the property and seller to managing the transfer of capital and profits during the final transfer of title, and after the sale of the property.

Investors are able to review a curated listing of available properties on the InvestOut website. We carefully vet properties and their owners and accept only homes we believe will sell well and return high profits with renovations. 

Investors then choose a property and lay out a plan for its renovation. DIY investors consult with contractors who will oversee and execute the renovation job and set up a proposal. It is up to the investor to find contractors and formulate a plan. 

With the assistance of InvestOut, terms are then set for the scope of the work, the timeframe, the seller’s involvement, and other details. The proposal is then submitted through InvestOut, and the homeowners carefully review it. If the proposal is accepted, we draw up the contract between seller and investor, and work begins.

Upon completion of the work, the house is put on the market to sell, normally listed with an agent. At closing, after paying fees to real estate agents and InvestOut, the seller and investor share the after-renovation profits. Normally this is split evenly, but the percentages will be negotiated in the contract, well ahead of sale.

The Investor’s interests are secure throughout the process, and there are protective provisions in the unlikely event that a home does not sell quickly or an owner decides not to sell after renovations are complete. InvestOut serves as a partner to protect your investment and see the process through.


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