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    My name is Tye Glover and I created the Invest Out Partnering system because too many homeowners are being taken advantage of when it comes time to sell our homes, simply because we may not have an option of making improvements ourselves.That was exactly my situation when it came time for me to sell. In 2011 I went through a divorce and was being forced to sell my 1890s Victorian for cash to an investor. Why cash? Because the home needed a lot of work, I didn’t have the money to do that renovation and it can be difficult for home buyers to get financing when the home doesn’t qualify for FHA loans.

    I, like many homeowners today, needed as much money from my home as possible but I knew I was at a disadvantage simply because all of the power was being held by the investor, wholesalers, and lenders. As a homeowner, I felt like had no voice or negotiating power. It wasn’t until I looked at the prospects of selling my home from a completely different perspective, that I began to recognize and embrace my true power.

    My home itself

    My home itself

    The two things investors want most are a steady supply of good homes, and strong profits. I began to understand that if homeowners were to work directly with investors, there would be no need for those investors to:

    • borrow from lenders to purchase the home or
    • get properties from wholesalers,

    … which means the homeowners and investors both make strong profits by removing the middle men. By Partnering with an investor, you can also have the most impactful improvements done to your home to dramatically improve its value.

    What’s the alternative?

    My home itself

    If you try to sell your home for cash to a wholesaler, including any number of the new companies offering home purchase services like Home Lite, Zillow, Home Investors, etc., then they’ll:

    1. Offer you less than 70% of what the home could be worth, minus the cost of the repairs. Next, they will turn around and sell your home to an investor for a profit and next,

    2. That investor will renovate your home to maximize its sale price, only to sell it at that maximum value for a strong profit.

    Why not remove step 1 and work directly with that investor so that when the home does sell, you still get the money offered in step 1 plus a negotiated share of the increased value, without having to put any money out of your own pocket for that increased profit.

    It’s your home and you deserve as much money as you can get when it sells.

    Tye Glover


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