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INvestOUT creates options. Whether you Partner or Buy, through our Web Portal you will be notified about homes, primed for investing, INvestOUT was conceived with the idea of Partnering homeowners with investors to Partner, Renovate, Sell and Share the profits of the renovated home once sold. Many homeowners would prefer to simple sell their homes with a limited commitment in time. We’ve created a market place where homeowners and investors can connect and decide – together.

Why should you learn more?
  • INvestOUT Partnering vs the traditional fix and flip model
  • As an investor, you no longer need to hunt for a good properties; they are all listed on the portal.
  • Lenders are no longer needed to perform the capital intensive purchase because you no longer need to buy the property.
  • Because there is no purchase, the typical capital intensive closing costs can now be used to rehab the property.
  • The homeowner no longer feels disrespected nor vulnerable, and is open and hopeful of an attractive and sensible proposal.
  • Amazingly, homeowners now seek you out to be their investor instead of you doing expensive marketing for leads. This is the acclaimed Pull Marketing strategy which creates customer demand for your service.
  • Your marketing, skip tracing and other costs to find property are all eliminated.
  • The INvestOUT portal virtually eliminates your need and the cost of a Wholesaler or a Property Finder. No Assignment costs or commissions ever again. No waiting on Birddogs who over-promise and under-deliver.
  • By better managing your time and greatly reducing your expenses, your offer and your profits can both be significantly higher.
  • What was hard, time consuming and costly, INvestOUT now makes easy, efficient and more profitable - and a lot less stressful.
  • INvestOUT: a great, new way to find, fix and flip any property.

Partnering offers tremendous options for investors because you pay only for the renovation costs of the house. This means the money you would have traditionally used to purchase the home can be used to Partner other homes. In this way can renovate of multiple properties at once which means your house flipping business will scale.

If you face the challenge of a shortage of homes in which to invest, don’t worry. We have the solution for you. Investors are able to review a curated listing of available properties on the InvestOut website.

How does InvestOut Inc. Help:
INvestOUT has designed a web portal so that Investors can connect with homeowners and Partner to renovate or simply move for a quick sale.
InvestOut connects investors with property owners and oversees the process from initial inquiry to contracts to sale.
Investors and homeowners share the increased profits their improvements generate.