Online Courses in Real Estate 2020

Real estate training classes about real estate disruptor model.

Do you want to:
  • Become a real estate disruptor?
  • Start your real estate career from scratch?
  • Enter into house flipping business with little investment?
  • Scale up your house flipping business?
  • OR
  • Earn more commission as a realtor?

If yes, then this training program is for you. It’s not like a typical real estate training program just packaged differently. It’s about an innovation in real estate, innovation that will benefit home sellers, investors & even realtors

It’s about sharing profit & earning more than that of traditional house flipping where one has to loose in order for other to profit

You will learn about:
  • Invest Out Model
  • It’s comparison with traditional fix & flip model
  • It’s execution & legal framework to execute overall procedure

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Degree programs are often made up of smaller units of learning called courses. Some courses are offered online, which can allow students from anywhere to participate. Often an online course has a flexible schedule, so you may complete this type of program in a few weeks or a year. The Invest Out training classes are designed to provide the student with a strong understanding of how the process works. These online video lessons Will guide the student through each phase of the process from Partner to Renovate, Sell to the eventual Share of the partnership.

As the Invest Out process prepares to launch our Representative Model, it’s important that interested independent agents understand the merits of the lessons that how they prepare the students to be effective agents as they manage their territories, identify new opportunities and service the homeowner who sign up into the portal.

Whether the student has the desire to simply engage in investing and grow their own businesses or become an agent and profit by getting business from given territories, the options are theirs and Invest Out enables them.

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List of Courses

Invest Out Partnering Process-Real Estate Business (Online)

Once you finish the course in real estate Partnering, you will be ready to begin Partnering with homeowners on your own. Remember, this is not a new thing. Investors have been partnering with homeowners for years. All our course has done was to highlight the benefits of the process and the structure that needs to be followed to get more from your investments. With our online course you will feel more secure in your partnering investment because we clearly articulate how you can turn this process into your competitive advantage of investing.

November 2019

8 Hours

Program Description

The Invest Out model represents a fundamental shift in the way the residential real estate industry treats homeowners because we’ve changed the orientation of the industry. Within the Invest Out model we’ve adjusted the orientation of the deal from prioritizing the needs of the investors, banks and wholesalers to refocusing the model towards the homeowners and investors, the true entities actually adding value to the deal. When you change the orientation of the model, new opportunities present themselves, ones that allow homeowners to make considerably more money; a new model that allows investors an opportunity to grow their businesses faster, requires less money for the flip and makes it considerably easier to find the homes. This is why you need to take the Invest Out course. Our course is also accompanied by a companion guide that allows the trainee a chance to further refine their skills through exercises and additional content. With this course you will be prepared to engage homeowners, present proposals for the renovation of their homes and grow your business faster than you had ever thought possible.

Course Outiline

Students are taken through the lessons of the course which include:
  • Introduction: The program and its scope are introduced to the investors
  • Where’s the profit” The financials are discussed at a high level,
  • Market Focus: We look at the typical archetype of the target homeowner as well as the traits that are necessary to be a successful investor,
  • KPIs: We will discuss the traditional KPIs that can be used to assess the Invest Out benefits vs other investment options that may exist.
    • Return On Investment
    • Cash Flow Utilization
    • Risk Reward
  • Stakeholder Benefits: Where we review such as what’s in it for the homeowners, Realtors and Investors
  • Homeowner Motivation: Where we further detail how to identify a good prospect from the standpoint of a homeowner
  • Structure Produce: Lastly we will walk you though the legal documents require to both secure the property and to protect ones investment.

Career Prospects

This career route is perfect for anyone who is self interested and enlightened. This means our targeted investors are willing to be benefited by offering their services to others as opposed to being benefited at the expense of others. If you are a career minded professional who seeks a path out of the traditional 9 to 5 job; if you are self driven, comfortable with creating a network and building a team and have the desire to create something bigger than yourself, then the Invest Out model may represent an incredible opportunity for you. We are seeking pioneers who recognize that failure is not their enemy, who can be comfortable with venturing our of their comfort zones and are interested in being involved in a supportive community of fellow investors then, we may have the right product for you. There are thousands of courses available in real estate, starting at prices as well as $12 on Udemy and going up as high as $50K for one on one coaching sessions. This however is not that kind of a course. With Invest Out, we offer this limited time offer. A low costing program that teaches the Invest Out process. Right now you have a great opportunity to test the course’s potential for incredible profits while we get your feedback and make adjustments to the model. This introductory program cost is available for a limited time only so take advantage now while it is still available.


InvestOut Instructor

Founder, CEO

Tye Glover

My name is Tye and I am the Founder and CEO and creator of the Partnering Model. We are a mission driven company designed break the traditional profit taking model where homeowners have to loose in order for investors to profit. Partnering does just that and this take no prisoners approach to Real Estate investing is just what's needed in these days and times of where the rich just keep getting richer leaving the middle class as prey to the process.


1. Why should I take this class?

  • The training is designed for anyone who’s interested in fix and flip investing but has limited cash available for investing. With the Invest Out model less cash is required because the home is never purchased by the investor. This means all of the cash that would normally go to banks, stays with the homeowner and investors depending on how the deal is structured.
  • There are a lot of ways a deal can be structured. The Invest Out course will teach you about the options for determining the current value of the home and calculating the distribution of the profits between the homeowners and investors.
  • 2. Who is the class designed for?

    Partner Up is designed for everyone who’s connected to the property being offered: Property owners, investors, Realtors®. The benefits extend across all of the parties involved in the deal. The homeowner can get top dollar for their home, investors can avoid the short term ownership of the home while Realtors® can make considerably more from the increased value of the home.

    3. Partnering seems obvious. What value does the training offer?

    Investors have been partnering with homeowners since the 1980 and the PBS This Old House home renovation show. The challenge however is that while investors routinely Fix and Flip, very few seek out Partnering opportunities as an investment strategy.

    4. How can I tell if the deal is a good deal?

    The course will teach you this. Invest Out believes the best way to show the value of an investment is by using the same KPIs that are used on all other investment types. As a student of Invest Out you will also receive the deal analyzer which is an easy to use Excel Spreadsheet based dashboard designed present the Return on Investment as well as the Risk Reward ratio to compare the options of a Fix and Flip to a Partner Up investment.

    5. How do I get my share of the profits?

    Within the Invest Out business model, representatives of invest out partner with the sellers and investors in support of achieving a successful renovation. We facilitate the inspection of the property, the signing of all documents, we secure the property for the investor's protection and show up at the closing to perform the transfer of the property from the seller to the buyer. This means that the capital investment and profits due to the investor will be transferred from the buyer directly to the investor at that time of closing.

    6. How do I know the property will be renovated in a tasteful, saleable manner that'll create maximum value.

    The homeowner/ property seller will be the person who selects from the submitted proposals, the designs that best align with their view of what the renovation should entail. Some proposals will be more limited and very simple while others may be more detailed, comprehensive and involve multiple steps and changes. Those types of renovations will also be more costly but should also produce a more significant return on the investment. The sellers don't develop the renovation plan; the investors will do that. The seller simply picks the vision of the investor that best aligns with what they believe is possible with the property. Once the investor is selected, and the work is performed, that's it. As long as the work performed is in line the proposed plan, the investor has satisfied their obligation. This is also how the seller knows that the property will be renovated to create the maximum value because the seller signed off on the renovation.

    7. As a homeowner can I use a realtor to sell my home?

    As a seller, we suggest that you use a realtor to assist in selling the home especially considering the speed at which the sale occurs directly affects you as the seller but even more so, the investor. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, in a 2014 report (2014 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, National Association of REALTORS®), "For Sale By Owners typically have a lower median selling price: $208,700 compared to $235,000. Thus the average agent-assisted home sale typically has a 13% higher sales price than the typical FSBO sale". When you combine this increase in median sale price with the additional profits that can be achieved through an Invest Out renovation, we believe that it's in both of your interest to engage a realtor in the sale. If the challenge is with the commission that would have to be paid to the realtor(s), discuss with the investor and try to negotiate a division of the profits that consider the commissions, one to which both of you can agree.

    8. What if we can’t agree on the completion of the home? Does the course speak to this?

  • Ensuring that your investment is protected is one of the most important things you need to know about any investment you do. Within the course we walk through the contracts that secure the deal but we also speak to the remedies that can be taken to further ensure you’re made whole following a Partnership. Invest Out recommends qualifying inspections at different stages of the renovation to ensure that the repairs are quality and in line with code.
  • Investors also should be bonded for the work being performed to ensure that they are covered in the event of a challenge involving the delivery of the home and other
  • In the event an issue still exist arising from the inspection, we recommend mandatory (binding) arbitration for issues of less than $5,000.
  • In the event that the cost difference is greater than $5,000, Invest Out recommends the local court.